Kids vs Monsters Update

Greetings, monster fans! We are very happy to report some wonderful things happening at Dark Dunes. Our latest project, Kids vs. Monsters, finished shooting in Los Angeles on May 14th and we are deep in post-production already! We are very happy with how it is coming along so far and are looking forward to being able to share it with the world. Visit the official website,, for more information about the project. In the meantime, here are some great pictures from monster-creating pre-production at Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. and shooting on location.

Director Sultan Saeed al Darmaki at Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. with costume designer Tricia Gray, practical special FX supervisor Yuri Everson, and some Sasquatch feet.

Creature designer Gavin Robertson.

Producer Lawrie Brewster and Sultan with cast members Jesse Camacho, Michael Bailey Smith, Anna Akana, Sydney Endicott and Bridger Zadina.

Stars Lance Henriksen and Malcolm McDowell in action on set.

Incredible monster actors Anna Akana, Connor Woodruff and Michael Bailey Smith.

Harbinger Down Trailer!

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for – the first trailer for Harbinger Down is finally here! Amalgamated Dynamics has joined forces with Dark Dunes Productions to create an all new horror film with practical special effects and the acting talents of Lance Henriksen. Directed by Alec Gillis and executive produced by Sultan Saeed al Darmaki, Harbinger Down is the film monster fans have been waiting for. Enjoy and share!

It’s time for a showdown!

The Dark Dunes team is happy to announce that shooting has begun on our new project, Kids vs Monsters! We couldn’t be happier with our cast, lead by the legendary Malcolm McDowell. Our incredible group of cast, crew and monsters have kicked off the project with a bang! Stay tuned for more production updates and lots of exciting set photos!



Dark Dunes Invasion of Monsterpalooza!

The Dark Dunes team had an incredible time at Monsterpalooza in Burbank, California the last weekend of March! We are honored to have been one of the major sponsors of the convention and to have met so many wonderful artists and fans. Thank you to all our friends at Wyrd Studios, Benevolent Monster Productions, The Spirit Cabinet, Ghostworks LLC, Hex Media and Mighty Pug Studios for their presentations and film screenings that took place in the Dark Dunes Room over the course of the weekend. The presentation and sneak peek trailer for Harbinger Down, our co-production with Amalgamated Dynamics Inc, was a rousing success, as well! A huge thanks to Todd Chicoine, of Asylum House Images, for the photography. Monsterpalooza was a great way to kick off our time in LA – stay tuned for some exciting Kids vs Monsters news!

MalloryEyesOnly_109 copy
Sultan proudly posing with the weekend schedule for the Dark Dunes room.

MalloryEyesOnly_224 copy
Lance Henriksen having a blast at the Harbinger Down presentation.

MalloryEyesOnly_367 copy
Director Lawrie Brewster, writer Sarah Daly, cinematographer Gavin Robertson and executive producer Sultan at the Lord of Tears signing.

MalloryEyesOnly_478 copy
Sultan, Sarah Daly, Alex Gillis and Lance Henriksen during the Kids vs Monsters panel.

Kicking off Kids vs. Monsters in LA!

The Dark Dunes team is excited to have arrived in Los Angeles to start pre-production on our latest film in-the-works, Kids vs Monsters. Shooting begins on April 21st!

First day at the production office with director Sultan Saeed al Darmaki, creature designer Gavin Robertson, and associate producer Mallory O'Meara!

First day at the production office with director Sultan Saeed al Darmaki, creature designer Gavin Robertson, and associate producer Mallory O’Meara!

Kids vs Monsters

We are so excited to finally be able to announce our newest film-in-the-works – Kids vs Monsters! Join Dark Dunes monster king Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki on his maiden directorial voyage.

In Kids Vs Monsters, the six richest people in the world each have one thing still dragging them down.. their intolerable kids. Luckily, there is a mysterious entity that is happy to help. See, he has some monsters of his own and they are just dying to test out their skills..  It’s time for a showdown.. it’s Kids Vs Monsters!

With practical creature special effects by Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. and an incredible cast featuring Lance Henriksen and Lord of Tears star Lexy Hulme, Kids vs Monsters promises to be an exciting film, so stay tuned for updates on the project! More information on the film is available through the links below.

Dark Dunes Room at Monsterpalooza!

The team is proud to announce the screening schedule for the Dark Dunes Room at Monsterpalooza – the world’s premier monster convention taking place on the last weekend of March in Burbank, CA!
We will be screening Lord of Tears and some films from our friends at Wyrd Studios, Benevolent Monster Productions, Ghost Works LLC and more. Make sure to stop by during the convention to see great films, meet the filmmakers, and grab some Dark Dunes merch and your copy of Lord of Tears!

DDR program copy

Dark Dunes at Monsterpalooza!

We are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring Monsterpalooza 2014 next month in Burbank, California! One of the world’s premier monster and horror conventions, Monsterpalooza is the perfect place for Dark Dunes. We will have our own private screening and promotion room, so stay tuned for news on which films, panels and merchandise will be featured there!
More information about Monsterpalooza can be found at

Dark Dunes takes over LA!

The Dark Dunes team has finally concluded a month long trip to Los Angeles. The team met with all sorts of amazing people, many of which we are looking forward to collaborating with on future projects. We have kicked off 2014 with a month of creativity, ideas and monsters!


Sultan during a dinner and great monster conversation with Guillermo del Toro, after an incredible tour of del Toro’s Bleak House.


Sultan and Dark Dunes producer Mallory O’Meara visiting Mike Elizalde and our friends over at Spectral Motion.


Sultan and Mallory visiting Taylor White and Matt Abrams at Creature Features, Burbank’s best store for monster fans!


Sultan and Mallory at ADI studios.


Sultan, executive producer of the upcoming practical FX film Harbinger Down, takes a peek at the set.


The team on the Harbinger Down set with some lovely and hardworking volunteers.


Sultan and Mallory with filmmakers Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger after they interviewed Sultan for their upcoming documentary on the legacy of King Kong.

2014 has started off with a bang for Dark Dunes and we will be keeping the momentum going with lots of amazing projects and surprises to announce. Stay tuned for news of Sultan’s upcoming directorial debut!

Happy Holidays!

All of us at Dark Dunes want to wish our film fans a happy holiday! We are looking forward to the new year and the announcement of a couple of new and exciting projects. 2014 is shaping up to be an incredible year for Dark Dunes Productions. Thank you for all the support in 2013!